Children must be supervised while using this scooter.

Always wear full protective equipment including helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads!

Make sure the helmet fits well & the chinstrap is securely buckled!

Always wear closed toe shoes when riding your scooter

Ensure all locking components are intact and correctly fastened, e.g. the folding mechanism and handlebars.

Please Be Aware That Self-Locking Threads Can Lose Eectiveness Over Time!

Ensure correct alignment of steering set-up; Ensure the push buttons are locked in place.

Always fold the stand away while moving.

Ride on smooth, paved surfaces away from motor vehicles and other road users or traffic.

Avoid sharp bumps, drains and sudden surface changes otherwise the scooter may suddenly stop!

Avoid surfaces with sand, gravel, dirt, leaves and other debris at all times.

ALWAYS avoid water or using your scooter in wet conditions.

Wet weather impairs traction, braking and visibility.

Do not ride your scooter at night or in poor light.

Avoid hills and excessive speeds associated with riding downhill.

The brake will get hot during use. Do not touch straight after braking.

Obey all local traffic and scooter riding laws and regulations. Watch out for other users and pedestrians.

Do not use the scooter if it has any damage. Replace any worn or broken parts immediately!

Check all parts are secure and functioning correctly before every ride.

The scooter is designed to be used by one person at a time.

Do not allow more than one person to ride the scooter at the same time!

For your own safety, please use original spare parts only.

Do not make structural changes or modications to the scooter.