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Frenzy Recreational Scooters come with a warranty of 90 days except for normal wear items such as wheels, bearings or headsets.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • Misuse, or contrary to the advised or agreed use, improper assembly or maintenance or normal wear

  • Improper installation of wheels, ball bearings, springs, deck and other parts of the scooter

  • External causes, such impacts against curbs, barriers, obstacles and sudden or excessive forces or stresses

  • Inappropriate repairs or modifications


Our scooters conform to EN14619:2015



If you ride your scooter in a manner that places large forces and stresses on the product, the scooter will not be covered under warranty. The scooter is designed to meet applicable safety standards, however, the forces exerted through extreme riding may cause premature wear to all parts!

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Frenzy Bag

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